DALLAS, Texas (April 17, 2024) — Somera Private Equity LLC (“Somera”), alongside strategic partner Entrepreneurial Equity Partners (“e2p”), announced today that it has, through a new holding company vehicle Gardian Holdings LLC, (“Gardian”) acquired a majority stake of the underlying entities that develop and manufacture Ty-Gard® and Shock-Gard® products. Somera and e2p will partner with the business’ existing owner, Matthew Bullock, to accelerate growth, continue innovative product development, and maintain leading service to Gardian’s customer base, composed mainly of Fortune-500 companies.

“We are thrilled to partner with Matthew and the Gardian team to bring innovative cargo securement technologies to customers focused on optimizing their logistics in a safe and responsible manner,” said Eric Hauser, Managing Partner of Somera. “We intend to leverage our deep and industry-relevant networks to support Gardian’s exciting growth potential, while continuing the outstanding product and service quality the Company has achieved to-date.”

Matthew Bullock, who will retain a significant minority equity stake and remain as the company’s CEO, added “over the last 50 years, our mission has always been to leverage patented technology to prevent damage and improve safety in the workplace. This partnership allows us to remain focused on what we are passionate about, delivering the quality products and service we are known for, as we scale and pursue exciting growth avenues. It has been a privilege to serve this industry throughout my career, and we look forward to this next chapter.”

PSP Capital Partners (“PSP”) have also acquired a minority stake in the business, bringing tremendous strategic value and industry experience to Gardian.

About Gardian:

Gardian is a newly-formed holding company that provides patented cargo securement products through its Ty-Gard® and Shock-Gard® brands. Ty-Gard® is a flexible restraint system developed to prevent damage for multimodal transit as one of the only brand-approved systems to secure cargo across rail, ocean, and over-the-road trucking applications. Shock-Gard® is a sustainable, fiber reinforced, RFID-enabled expandable foamcore panel used to absorb shock and prevent damage within railcars and intermodal containers. The business is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with manufacturing facilities in both Texas and Pennsylvania.

About Somera: 

Somera Private Equity is a Los Angeles-based private equity firm focused on partnering with entrepreneurs, founders, and management teams to preserve unique competitive advantages and unlock asymmetric growth potential. As a fundamental investment philosophy, Somera seeks market leading businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, proven cash flow generation and multi-vectored growth opportunities. Somera can flexibly deploy capital across multiple industries and stages of investment, but principally focuses on middle-market control investments within the industrial technology and business services sectors. At its core, Somera believes in a people-first investment approach, utilizing its world-class network to offer bespoke support for companies to achieve their goals.


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